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What is close up magic?

Close up magic is magic that is performed close up to small groups of people either sitting at a table or standing.

The magician usually mixes and mingles approaching guests at tables performing magic with cards, coins, watches, everyday items.

Close up magic is the most fascinating side of the art of magic and has become increasingly popular with the popularity of new magicians like David Blaine, Derren Brown,Dynamo on television.

It uses Sleight of hand, Misdirection, to create magic effects that entertain.

The art of magic apparently begins its history with the Egyptians, and the earliest recorded magic is found in an Egyptian temple dated around 1700 BC. It shows a magician named Dedi performing tricks to a Pharaoh. Dedi performed the famous  ‘Cups and Balls’ trick which is still widely performed today! Magic is in fact one of the very few things in modern time that hasn't changed in this day of fast communication and technology and the vanishing of a small item like a coin is effective today as it was 100s of years ago .


Why we love magic

According to Dr Richard Wiseman, psychologist, magician and author of The Luck Factor" It provokes a sense of wonder. The world isn't a dull mechanistic place that we completely understand.  It is a bit like being a child again when you don't know how the world works and that anything can happen.

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