Jeremys interest in magic started a about  around 9 years old of which was ignited through popular television show The Paul Daniels Magic show of which was presented by the late Paul Daniels and featured performers from all over the world .

Jeremy performed at retirement homes at this time throughout the south and constantly had a connection and interest in the art of magic and throughout a lot  the 80s spent a lot of time at various holiday camps where his dad worked where he would constantly see various acts and befriend magicians and generally had some of the best times you could imagine .

16 years old and times were changing and magic was somehow becoming old hat like a lot of the old vaudeville acts and Jeremy drifted away from it and became semi professional breakdancer and performed all over uk and particularly in camps like Butlins and Sussex Beach holiday centre in Sussex.

Jeremy also had a keen interest in music and this stemmed from his early days at holiday camps where he like any youngster was obsessed with the drums of which he also played and then moved to guitar .

In about the year 2000 Jeremy played some gigs in New York and in the day ventured into Fao Schwarz the biggest toy shop in New York and witnessed a close up magician performing and the interest quickly reignited .

The first booking after so long was strangely enough at a holiday camp for Bourne Leisure of which he blagged the gig and after 17 years is now regularly performing all over the Uk at various private events and loves every minute of it .

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