Why people love magic

A coin vanishing is just as astonishing today as it was 200 years ago and as astonishing as it will be in another 200 years if coins still exist .So why are we fascinated by magic ?  "Magic works partly on an emotional level -the magician appears to do something that is by definition impossible "says Dr Richard Wiseman ,psychologist,magician and author of The Luck Factor."It provokes a sense of wonder .The world isn't just a dull mechanistic place that we understand .

This is one of the reasons I absolutely love what i do with a passion because i truly believe magic is timeless in it capability to entertain ,amaze, and generally take people out of there every day normality .

Most intelligent people when they see magic are prepared to suspend disbelief .

If you never suspended disbelief you could never ever enjoy a film again and what a dull place that would be ,