Sussex Magician Parlour show

In Victorian times there was a plus side to not having technology of which it encouraged families to be together in the form of parlour entertainment of which was basically instead of sitting in front of your television you would all get together and create your own amusement through parlour games or if you were slightly wealthier you could hire an entertainer such as a magician to come into your home .

I have created a parlour show that is available in sussex and surrounding areas of which lasts approx 45 mins to an hour and incorporates magic classics with modern classics .

This was inspired by my visit to New York to see the fabulous chamber magic show of which Steve Cohen creates the Victorian parlour show and insists everyone dresses in there best attire of which the concept works really well and he has fine tuned it to perfection .

If you truly want an evening where the family all actually get together and disconnect with wi fi and connect amongst themselves then this is a perfect opportunity for that apart from you dont need to fly to New york and I can travel to you  .

me steve cohen-min.jpg