Cutting to the aces

Card legend John Scarne was legend for his expertise with a deck of cards and general sleight of hand and trickery

In his day, he was hailed the greatest card manipulator of the time, and renowned as “The World’s Gambling Expert.” His hands appeared as stunt hands for Paul Newman’s in 1973’s “The Sting,” for which he was also an advisor. John Scarne’s Aces remains an inspirational mystery to card magicians. The plot is nothing short of a miracle: Cut to the aces in a borrowed, shuffled deck; no prep, no setup, no stooge, only skill. John Scarne took his secret to the grave but others such as  american Magician Bill Malone worked out their own methods.

I like to perform a cutting to the aces routine when i perform and it involves members of the audience cutting the deck ,

i perform this at virtually all my booking and recently performed this at one of my booking in West Sussex and it always gets great reactions .


GREAT REACTIONS and entertaining