Close up Magic and why it works so well at your event

I think Close up magic works so well at private events such as weddings and parties because it is such a unique entertaining icebreaker that brings so much joy and entertainment for all ages .

Magic is probably one of the only things that I can think off that uses a positive way of using a lie in life of where the magician will use deception and lies to bring about the illusion of magic for entertainment .

Audiences know there is trickery and deception but somehow seem to suspend disbelief and just go for the ride in the same way that when we watch a film we know there is special effects and actors and crew but despite all we switch that thought mechanism off and go for it . If we lived in a world where we could never suspend our disbelief I think the world would be a truly duller place and humans need to be able to switch off from the normal activities of life to escape if only for a while.

The performance of magic goes as far back to egyptian times where there is a picture of an egyptian conjuror believed to be performing the cups and balls of which has remained a classic of magic throughout history and some people say that it is like a litmus test of a good magician . I perform the cups and balls and it is one of my favourite effects to perform because it engages with audiences and entertains all ages .

Despite the modern fast paced world of technology we live in I truly believe and can see that magic is timeless in its entertainment and magic like the cups and balls have survived for a reason and will continue for many many years and as generations change and styles change its basic art of entertainment is still its core element.

Picture courtesy of John Erskine taken at an event in Chichester