Choosing a close up magician

So you have googled magicians for hire and have come up with searches of various websites with various types of Magician and you dont know how to choose with typical websites displaying Award winning magician etc etc .

A good route can be a reputable entertainment agency that you can liase with and they can handpick some acts that might suit your criteria of which I feel is a good option .

It is not always possible to see the magician you are thinking to hire in person but if you can see them at a wedding fayre then its a great idea as you get to see if this is the kind of character and style you feel would suit you .

Check the magicians google reviews to see feedback and take a look at videos of the magicians showreel and try and see how the audience reacts and more importantly the way the magician handles guests of which is just as important as good magic .

Magicians videos can utilise editing to the full advantage in magic and this is something to be aware of as there is some very shiny video demos that do not neccessarily mean you are going to get that shiny performance in real life.

Try to look for a Member of The Magic Circle as the members have had to have an audition to gain membership and the audition tests for ability and presention skills of which is a very important criteria as after all its entertaining your guests and giving them a good time is what its all about .

Look for a performer that you think will suit what you are looking for as there is lots of different styles of perfomer and Bubbles the clown may be great for a kids party but certainly isnt going to cut it at the freemasons annual dinner in the same way a top card magician who utilises extreme sleight of hand to demonstrate how a crooked gambler wins in a casino will not entertain kids.