Brighton Hustlers

Walking along Brighton seafront after a private event at The Grande Hotel and just winding down after a gig  I see a crowd forming of which I am intrigued by so I take a walk to where I see a guy doing the classic ball under the cup for money of which is a game that is a con and you can never win.

The Con artist places a ball under a cup and mixes the cups and you are asked to watch where the ball is of which seems pretty easy and some people around you even put some money on and win of which gains your confidence to take a shot.

You play its easy and you win and win again and you think hey this is easy lets place a bigger bet uhhhhmm DONT...

The moment you place the bigger bet is the moment the hustler uses sleight of hand magicians skills to manipulate the ball of which the cup you think the ball is under is definately not the one of which equals a now in and you have just lost your hard earned cash.

There is another scam called the 3 card monte or find the lady of which is done with 3 cards and you have to follow the queen of which you will not win as its the same as the ball under cup con.

The people winning before you place money down are also in on the scam and friends who split the takings

Dont get caught on this .

I demonstrate con games like this for entertainment purposes only in an entertaining way.

Magicians uses their skills for good and not bad.

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