Booking a Magician for Your Wedding in Sussex

Booking a good close up magician for your wedding is very popular and fashionable now and a good close up magician works very well at events such as weddings, private parties, or any event in general as it is very adaptable.

The days of the stereotype of a magician pulling rabbits from hats have long gone and the new breed of magicians on our television sets such as Dynamo and Derren Brown have changed our perceptions of magic .

A Close up magician at a wedding provides an instant icebreaker that keeps the atmosphere upbeat and the guests entertained during the quieter moments such as when photos are being taken .The most popular time is at the wedding breakfast where the magician goes from table to table entertaining your guests with dazzling sleight of hand that creates the illusion of magic and amuses your guests and makes them laugh and be astonished and above all entertained .

Booking and choosing a magician is difficult as anyone  can learn a few simple tricks and claim to be a magician of which people have gone and booked but been dissapointed because to learn a few simple tricks is the same as claiming to be a professional musician after learning two chords .Being a professional magician takes time and dedication to the art and the correct social skills to adapt to guests at a wedding .

Choosing a magician is a personal choice to some degree but the best way to truly judge someone is face to face and get a true representation of what they can do and to see if you think they are the kind of personality you are looking for and that is why attend Wedding Fayres in West Sussex on a regular basis . 

Another criteria is to look for a magician that is a member of The Magic Circle as to be a member it shows the performer has been dedicated to what they do and take it serious because they have had to audition for membership .

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