Booking a Magician


Booking a Magician is not as easy as you think as there are different styles of magician that suit different styles of event

Close-up magic: Close up magic is essentially magic done close up and is considered by many people to be the most impressive as it utilises every day small objects and often impressive card tricks and tricks with bottles and coins etc and typically everyday items. 

Street magic: Street magic is basically close up magic done on the street and the term street magic came about after the popular David Blaine special called Street Magic where he would walk the streets of New York astounding passers by with his unique and cool fresh approach to the art of magic.


Mentalists Mindreader: A fine example of this style is the amazing Derren Brown who entertains and astounds people with mind magic utilising hypnosis techniques and NLP and suggestion .

Stage illusionist: Stage illusionists is typically the big theatrical type magic that is performed with big props and making huge objects appear and vanish and David Copperfield is probably about as good as it gets . Hiring a stage illusionist is usually a costly option for an event as theres lots to transport and organise. 

Comedy Magic: Comedy Magicians are basically magicians that utilise comedy in their acts and a classic example is the wonderful Tommy Cooper who would often even mess up the trick in a hysterical way . 


Take time to think what you need and the type of guests audience you have before booking a magician and if possible try and see the magician in person to gauge what you feel as there is some great shiny demos online of magicians and they are not so often good in real life .