A good magician isn't cheap and a cheap magician isn't good

magician time.jpgIf you are booking a magician for whatever event you have coming up then you have probably searched google and cant see prices online and therefore emailed a few magicians with vaious replies of various prices .

Unfortunately there is some great shiny looking websites with some not so shiny performers that unfortunately some people find out the hard way .To learn a few tricks and advertise as a professional magician is as ludicrous as learning a few chords on a guitar and advertising yourself as a professional musician as to become a competent magician takes hours and hours of practise and fine tuning with a live audience .

Magic is not just about tricks it is about making a connection with people and being able to entertain and adapt to all situations and not everyone has the people skills of which is very important.

What can you look for when looking for when booking a magician-

-Ideally to see the magician in person performing is about as good as it gets as to which Wedding Fayres can be a good place.


-Look for a member of The London Magic Circle as the members have endured an audition process to gain membership 

When you are quoted a price for example two hours the price can seem steep for a good magician but for every hour there is 100s of hours or more gone into creating those moments. A magician like any live entertainer learns his craft from performing live over the years as to be a performer you can only truly learn hands on .


                                            A good magician isnt cheap and a cheap magician isnt good